About Us

The Avenue Brass is made up of some of Philadelphia’s top brass players. Our name stems from the Avenue of the Arts – the part of Broad Street that is the epicenter of the area’s busy music scene. Many of our core members have performed with the great ensembles that call this cultural strip their home… The Philadelphia Orchestra, Philly POPS Orchestra/Big Band, Opera Philadelphia, the Pennsylvania Ballet, the Chamber Orchestra of Philadelphia, and more!

The Avenue Brass was formed in 2012 with the goal of bringing our musicians’ artistic excellence to your everyday events. Whether it’s the processional music at your wedding, the final refrain of a glorious hymn, a bugle call to honor an American hero, or the “Pomp & Circumstance” you’ve come to expect at a graduation, we recognize that the music we provide at these events is directly tied to the emotion of the day.

Our ensemble’s flexible instrumentation makes it easy to add brass to any event. We have several standard group sizes for every budget, and can easily adapt if your event has specific instrumentation requirements.